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Is Investment Real Estate an Option for You?

When it comes to managing your financial life, stability and independence are two of the most important considerations. Choosing your path towards those goals can be filled with tempting short cuts and too-good-to-be-true guarantees that all too often end up costing more than just peace of mind. So how do you know which route to choose? Austin Daniel, investment advisor and a member of the EBG Properties sales team discusses some of the unique opportunities and investing success stories that he’s seeing right now in Pittsburgh.

Having lived in Pittsburgh his entire life, Austin has seen the city grow and change over the years. Students, young professionals, and growing families flow into the city and surrounding areas. In addition to the expanding job market and nationally ranked universities, he says that “Pittsburgh is much more affordable than almost any coastal city and even many of our peer cities and is probably one of the best values in real estate,” adding that “the future is very bright!” With so many opportunities, he says it’s no surprise that Pittsburgh is drawing a lot of interest from investors. “Obviously we have the experienced investors who are looking to either get into a new market or expand their portfolio here in Pittsburgh, but we’re also seeing a number of new investors looking to take more control over their finances and build a sort of side-business for themselves.”

“For new investors,” he adds, “now may be a very tempting time to enter the market.” With interest rates hitting historic lows (some even dropping below 4%) many homeowners are already looking to refinance their homes to save money, but he sees this as a chance for the “average consumer” to take a huge step towards securing their financial futures. “People generally only think of owning a home for themselves or that you have to be rich to own multiple homes. But what a lot of people don’t realize that owning multiple properties as an investment really is within their reach.”

In comparison with other typical investment options like the stock market, Austin believes that “Real estate as an investment has a much higher return potential than stocks and is generally a more reliable investment.” In addition, he explains “many of my investors feel more in control with investment properties than with stocks, even when it’s managed through a third-party company like EBG Properties. It’s a tangible asset, literally brick-and-mortar, it’s not just going to disappear one day because some CEO in New York had a bad day.”