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The city-revitalizing Hazelwood Green Project will soon be finished

Check out this awesome project happening in the  Hazelwood community

Hazelwood – a community once dependent on the Monongahela River is returning back to what led this neighborhood to its peak in the 1970s. Among other riverfront neighborhoods scattered around the city, steel production was a prominent economic role in the growth of the Mon Valley.

During the peak of this neighborhood, a boasting population of 13,000 or more scattered the streets, which has now dwindled to below 6,000 after the crash of steel production in the city. Long after these mills have closed, their massive structures still stand. Paying homage to the rich history of this community, Almono & RIDC has teamed up to re-invent this neighborhood from a community of hardworking priors into a community of minds, driven by growth.

By repurposing the massive skeletal structure of the production facility, Mill 19 will house a compound of innovators that will soon change the way the 412 operates! Carnegie Mellon’s ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing institute) and MFI (Manufacturing Futures Initiative) have moved into building one. In addition, building two has been fully occupied by APTIV. We hope to soon have the third and final building occupied, which will complete the complex under the pavilion. These developers have taken into consideration the longevity of this project, as steel production has been known to hinder the environment.

Environmental Efforts in the City of Pittsburgh

Environmental efforts are gaining traction throughout the city, with the installation of 110,000 square feet of solar panels and rain-water collection initiatives in place. Furthermore, an on-site tree nursery will supply the foliage around the park while keeping pollution-minimizing species prospering. As technology becomes a pivotal economic pillar in the city, it allows multi-faceted operations to repurpose this area and will soon drive residential and commercial development for years to follow. Taking into consideration the scenic far-sighted views of the city skyline, this pivotal civic site will draw tourism and community engagement – just like what happened in Station Square years ago. Drive down Second Avenue today, and you’ll notice the community is starting to receive the much-needed face lift it deserves. Art installations and new facades have started to bring a new, lively energy back to the area.

Looking to the Future of Hazelwood

With the expansion of this river-revival project, soon the streets (including the four never-recorded streets) will be bustling with life once again. By once again giving the residents of this community access to the river, public engagement will soon spillover into the surrounding areas, bridging Greenfield and Hazelwood back together. In hopes of driving the growth of the area by inciting tourism and attractions, the housing market in this area will soon follow suit.

In the coming years, it will be interesting to see how the neighborhood dynamic will shift from a forgotten familiar to a vibrant new phase of a manufacturing empire. It’s exhilarating to see life return to places that once were, while Pittsburgh continues to become a city built around technology. Leaving plenty of room for expansion, Hazelwood Green is set to drive a great deal of improvement and growth for the future – and that is #SteelCityStyle.