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Buying a House? Let’s Talk About Mortgage Options.

1.) Conventional Mortgages The type of home loan that is not secured by a federal government is called a conventional mortgage. Conforming and non-conforming loans are the two kinds of conventional loans. The loan amount that lies within ...

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Interior Design in Historical Homes

Historic Interior Elements Historic Home Interior Elements When you have a older or historic home, you will find many architectural and interior design elements that give your house its personality. These architectural elements are worth ma...

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10 Easy Ways to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you're selling your home or just want to make some easy improvements on the exterior of your home, having good curb appeal is like having good manners - they both go a long way when it comes to first impressions! Home improvements can b...

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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable Today

As the world around us continues to grow hotter and more dangerous due to the effects of climate change, many people are opting for more eco-friendly lifestyles. You’ve likely seen these types of people on social media. You know, those people...

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Is Investment Real Estate an Option for You?

When it comes to managing your financial life, stability and independence are two of the most important considerations. Choosing your path towards those goals can be filled with tempting short cuts and too-good-to-be-true guarantees that all to...

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5 Reasons You Should Move to Pittsburgh

Welcome to Pittsburgh, PA - home of championship-winning sports teams, top-notch health care, and some of the most affordable living you can find in the United States. Here in Pittsburgh, there’s something for everyone! We believe appeali...

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