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Jillian Sage

Jillian Sage
Client Coordinator

Jillian is the Client Coordinator here at EBG Properties. She works with all prospective clients and schedules times for them to meet with agents and tour the properties of their choice. Her attention to detail and organization make her an invaluable asset to our team!

Prior to her work at EBG Properties, Jillian studied hospitality in school and is certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Association. She also gained valuable experience in the real estate industry during her time managing an appraisal office in her home town of Ocean City, Maryland.

As a member of the EBG Properties’ team that often works directly with our tenants and owners, Jillian is always looking for ways to brighten their days! She knows that moving into a new home can be a big and sometimes stressful change, so her goal is to identify any potential issues and make sure that they’re properly taken care of before they can become a problem for any of our new tenants.

Beyond EBG Properties, she spends her time hiking, swimming, and exploring outdoors. She also loves spending time with her cat Momo, finding new music, and creating amazing artworks!