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André Moreino

André Moreino
Handyman Supervisor

Andre is the Lead Repairman at EBG Properties and is responsible for handling all kinds of repair and renovation needs across all of our properties. His extensive knowledge and ability to fix nearly any issue have been a tremendous benefit to property owners and tenants alike!

Andre studied business administration at BCCC before taking a job doing precision glass cutting work where his skill earned him a spotlight article by PeopleReady. In addition, he spent over four years honing his repair skills in construction and another fourteen as a sous chef where his focus and attention to detail were invaluable skills.

When working on a home for one of EBG Properties’ clients, his goal is always to find a positive, productive solution for the problem at hand – ensuring that home-owners and tenants alike are happy with a job well done!

When he’s not fixing up a house, Andre enjoys heading out to shoot a game of pool or play a round of golf. At home, Andre loves to cook and spend time with his wife and two children.