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After being in the business for almost 20 years and owning my own brokerage for the past 4 years, I have grown and learned so much in the real estate industry. After years of working for other brokers I realized that something was missing within them. I realized that most brokerages only cared about the bottom line. I fell into a similar trap when I first opened my own brokerage, EBG Properties. The past four years have been so amazing but I realized I needed a change. This brokerage is about so much more than just the bottom line. It’s about the people that we work with and work for.

That’s why our company is constantly changing and growing so we can provide the best experience for the people in our community. The goal of Bridge Home Realty has always been about the people, the staff, and the relationships we build with others in the industry. I want it to be about helping people of all knowledge levels get into the homes and investments they dreamed about. Whether it’s their first rental, growing their investment portfolio, or finding someone’s forever home, we want to make sure every client has the updated tools they need to get the best deal.

At Bridge Home Realty, we are here to navigate you through every step of the real estate process. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us in the journey of renting, buying, selling or investing. At Bridge Home Realty, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience possible. Bridge Home Realty is in the business of helping. 

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As part of my dedication to constantly improving my business and my community, I am proud to be partnered with Serhant. This world-renowned real estate brand not only gives me the tools to better serve clients but also allows me to teach other future business leaders and mompreneurs to succeed as part of their mentorship program.


  • “Elise Bickel is the CEO, owner and operator of Bridge Home Realty. As the face of her multifaceted company, Elise oversees day to day operations, heads the Property Management department directly and continues to work with clients one-on-one for real estate sales.

    Elise began her real estate career in 2003 as a personal assistant for a Top 100 agent in Pittsburgh. After earning her license in January of 2005, Elise worked with multiple brokerages in sales and property management. During this time, she was awarded a multitude of awards including the RE/MAX 100% Club and a top listing agent for sales, leasing and property management multi times. In early 2010, Elise began to focus her efforts in Property Management, working with three different firms to grow their property management departments before venturing off on her own. She went on to start EBG Properties, which opened in 2018 and then on to Bridge Home Realty that serves the Greater Pittsburgh area, and including most of Western PA.”